How Magicians use Sound Effects in their Acts

Magic is one of the most appreciated arts in the world. The reason why magic is so appreciated is that the audience gets to experience it live and even participate. It is still mind boggling to most people how the rabbit disappears from the hat, and this keeps people interested. However, most of us know that there is no such thing as magic unless you are a is simply an illusion that magicians use to fool the audience. To attain this form of fantasy, many things have to come into play; sound, light and associates.

Whenever a magician is trying to pull off a trick such as something involving banging, a sound effect of the same must appear. This is because the mind is usually the target of magic. If the mind registers that something is banging, the eyes have no choice but to believe it. Sound is also used to confuse the audience and take their focus from what they see to what they hear.

The sound effects in magic shows are also used to transport you to the magical world. Sound has a way of making you feel things that are not there, and our experience with horror movies can prove this. The music will take your body from reality to the illusion. This even happens in more formal settings, such as corporate magic

Like in movies, sound effects are used in magic for dramatic effect. Some sounds have the ability to make something ordinary look dramatic and hence exciting. Seeing that the purpose of magic is entertainment, the magician must use all tools especially sound effects to entertain the audience.

Magicians use sound effects in their acts to capture all the senses of their target audience and make them relate. Whether it is from instruments or recording, sound can make magic complete. It is an aspect that is vital in the delivery of magic tricks. When used together with visual tools and correct lighting, sound transforms our perception of the things around us.